Your partner for the highest demands

You’ll never work alone

Lifting, carrying, holding and transporting has never been easier: At TGT, we simply make assembly work at great heights and with heavy materials easier.

That's something we say with conviction and experience: Our lifting devices, cranes and lifts are powerful and versatile in-house developments based on decades of practical experience in glass and façade technology - and which we were one of the first companies in Germany to bring to market maturity.

Real quality means that the customer comes back - and not the product!

While our device solutions grow with your requirements, we grow with your enthusiasm: From the initial consultation to financing and far beyond delivery, we offer you a customised customer and follow-up service - anywhere in the world. That is impressive: Our lifting equipment, cranes and lifts are in use from Europe to Asia.

Heinz Teupen and Magnus Teupen

Von-Linde-Straße 5
48488 Emsbüren

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